Friday, March 27, 2015

Five for Friday (with freebies) year, we study dinosaurs and my kinders LOVE learning how to be a paleontologist.  This resource is free in my TpT store.
This week we studied dinosaurs.  We read many nonfiction books, but one of our favorite stories was the fictional story, Dinosaurs Love Underpants.  I did not have any clipart of underpants, so I tried my hand at clipart.  It is free on TpT.  Just click the picture below.
If you are interested in the unit, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, it is available in my TpT store.
This week we our curriculum map math standards involved measuring.  We measured everything!!  My kinders mostly enjoyed walking throughout the room measuring with either cubes, toothpicks, pencils, or paper.  They had a choice what to measure with.  Then they recorded their answers on the recording sheet.  It is free below.  Just click here or on the picture.
I decided that I needed more hands-on literacy stations.  I wanted to use my sand table, so I added seashells with sight words.  The kids love it!
 Karen Jones has an EXCELLENT math resource on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is called The Ultimate Math Bundle.  The kiddos in the picture above are using the printable from The Ultimate Math Bundle.  However, instead of the snakes, the kiddos are using Smarties and a paper plate.  The paper plate is cute in half.  Students put the number of candies on each half then push the paper plate together to see "how many in all".
Endless Possibilities,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Makeover Monday 3/23

It's time for another Makeover Monday!

This link-up is here to offer products that have been updated, added to, or revamped at a discounted price!  It may be new clipart, added page count, or a total overhaul! Be sure to check back each Monday to grab up some great limited time deals!  Each product is offered at at least a 20% discount for the next 48 may even find a few $1 deals mixed in!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Creating Safe QR Codes for the Classroom!

There are TONS of great YouTube videos available for a first grade standards.   I don't know how many times I have relied on these videos to have my back when I need to deal with a variety of other issues...(we all know what those issues could be!)  
I've also mastered the "Dive over Students, Blocking the Projection, and Muting the Volume" dance that accompanies the ads associated with some of these YouTube videos.  Of course most of the time it isn't too bad explaining the benefits of probiotics yogurt to 1st graders (thanks Jamie Lee Curtis!)... but you never know if you might end up with the ad for the next  most violent video game.  

Here is a way to  save the videos you  love from YouTube without the risk of those pesky ads!  You can also create your own QR codes that you quickly scan to view videos on the topics you are learning about!

Keep your students SAFE by using SAFESHARe when viewing videos!  

Happy viewing!